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July 13th, 2012

Alyssia came back to be cuffed again! This tall beauty is a very sweet girl, elegant and nice to talk to. She loves modelling and handcuffs do not scare her at all. We cuff her beautiful hands in a pair of Hiatt’s hinged handcuffs. Those cuffs are great for slender wrists, and for stacking wrists behind a girl’s back! Her feet are adorned with a pair of heavy Hiatt-Thompson leg irons, to give those towering heels even more elengance! Alyssia looks so hot in cuffs! Perfection!

April 20th, 2012

Let’s welcome new girl Alyssia with a simple count from one to six. One pair of handcuffs… Deutsche Polizei… Two. Three. Four. Five. Six pairs of LIPS and Deutsche Polizei on one girl! That is some serious weight on her wrists. Alyssia looks very hot in our favorite cuffs, and six pairs is like a solid block of metal on her wrists. The hinges do not even work anymore, the cuffs become a rigid, heavy burden! Now this is a nice welcome!