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May 21st, 2010

This cheerful Mexican girl is rapidly becoming one of the web’s most famous handcuff models! So we just had to invite her to! Anahí showed up wearing big sunglasses and chewing bubble gum :-) All we could do is add a little more cheerfulness, that’s why we got out our entire collection of Trilock handcuffs. Anahí happily models all four different versions: cable, chain, hinged, and webbed… while blowing big bubbles and just being silly and cheerful! So cute! Welcome, Anahí, you’re one of the girls now! She will definitely be back for more!

February 23rd, 2007

Here’s a request we did for a long-time member! His specifications were very exact, down to all the cuffs and positions to be used in this set. Fun-loving Bianca gladly assisted. After being told to put her hands behind her head, we cuffed her with a pair of Trilock CH-1001 chain handcuffs (she loved the blue color). Some of the other requested positions can be seen below: kneeling, behind the back, and sitting in a chair. But there’s lots more to see in this great set of 115 pictures!!