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May 3rd, 2024

Fun-loving submissive Denise is back again! She’s always in the studio, probably every week! She lives nearly and she just can’t stop dropping in to play with all the gear in the studio. She loves challenges, bondage, vibrators, and milking machines (her own words). Denise is always having fun, she has such great energy! Today, I locked her in heavy scaffolding clamps, and she was amazed at how restrictive they are. They are big and bulky, and they rotate! Denise had a lot of fun figuring out how to escape these, it is almost impossible!

November 17th, 2023

A special member request! Denise cuffed in French Rivolier handcuffs. Of course, that is no problem. Denise is local and she loves to come over to do shoots for this website! She never tried these French cuffs before, but she liked them a lot. They are unique because of their shape, keeping the wrists more straight in the cuff. Denise had a lot of fun, even stripping down to her underwear for some of the pictures! Thank you for your request!

October 27th, 2023

Denise is doing her Locktober Chastity Deal for, but that’s no reason not to shoot for other websites! I don’t mind if she wears her chastity belt, I think it looks good on her! Denise is almost done with her challenge, just a few more days, and she is not giving up now she is so close to the prize money. Look at that smile! Oh, and she loves LIPS handcuffs (because they are Dutch, just like her), so it was a fun shoot for her!

September 29th, 2023

Denise is back to try a very unique pair of handcuffs! The Alcyon 5050 Reg handcuffs are very strange indeed! They are also very rare. These cuffs have a rigid bar between them, instead of a chain or hinge. This makes them extremely rigid and restrictive to wear! The awesome cute blonde Denise makes them look so good! Don’t miss this perfect update!

August 4th, 2023

Denise is back by popular demand! This stunning young submissive from the Netherlands is in very high demand. She gets to film a lot of custom videos and fun member requests, which makes her very happy. Denise is cheerful, blonde, and always eager to try a new challenge or new restraints. This time I fiddled her, and she absolutely loved it! She even took a phone call during this shoot, still fiddled, and after a while I wondered if she realized she was still in this contraption. Denise is a natural bondage talent, everything is so easy with her!

May 26th, 2023

Denise found out I have colored handcuffs. They are not toys, they are real handcuffs. The Chicago model 1000 colored handcuffs come in a variety of colors, and Denise really liked the purple ones. She asked if she could try them. Of course, I went overboard again, adding a blue box, waist chain, and leg irons. Denise thought it was a bit much, you could hardly see the purple handcuffs now! But I think Denise should be restrained properly every time she visits!

December 9th, 2022

One my my most popular models is the 19-year old Denise! She is so cute! Denise is a submissive from the Netherlands, so she is very local to me. We shoot all the time, and she is completely used to getting cuffed by now. Denise loves all kinds of bondage, and she like a challenge! She will never give up or ask for release. Today, she is cuffed in a belly chain, and the awesome steel KUB mitts for extra security. This actually looks great with Denise’s beautiful lingerie. All girls should wear belly chains!

September 2nd, 2022

I have a new pair of handcuffs! The KUB 128 Hamburg 8 with chain! Time to try them on my lovely model Denise, who is my resident submissive girl. She is so much fun to shoot with, very easy, and she really enjoys bondage. These cuffs look great on her! Very heavy and inescapable. Denise liked them too! She is also available for custom pictures and videos (even naughty ones) ;-)

June 10th, 2022

Everyone’s favorite young Dutch girl is back! Denise is just awesome, she is going full time into bondage modelling and she is loving every minute of it! She can transform in front of the camera, with many different looks, and her awesome body and big boobs are very popular with members! Today, she will try handcuffs from her own country: the LIPS handcuffs for small wrists! They make sure that Denise has absolutely no chance of getting out without the key. Awesome girl and awesome cuffs, that’s what it’s all about!

April 1st, 2022

Denise is back! Remember her first shoot? She is 18 years old and she wants to try our entire collection! Well, how about a nice combination? The Peerless waist chain with the cuffs on the sides, connected to the Peerless leg irons with a connector chain! It is a very noisy combination, but Denise loved it! She looks so cute in cuffs! Denise is going to be a huge bondage starlet, she already appeared on many websites, and everyone seems to love her! Keep your eye on her!
(for the watch lovers, yes she wears a large Invicta, and yes I have some custom videos of Denise wearing this huge watch, email me at

October 29th, 2021

18-year old Denise! She wants to try EVERYTHING! What a great new talent, really submissive, big boobs and cute face. Denis is a naturally curious aspiring bondage model, and she has not often been cuffed before. Of course, she picked the pink ASP handcuffs. I didn’t mind, as long as she is cuffed. The heavy leather prisoner belt really suits her well! Stay tuned, you will hear a lot more from Denise very soon on this website and many other fetish sites!