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November 18th, 2022

Emilia was recently on another website wearing this huge watch and it was a very popular update! After a few member requests, I decided to post her on this website too! You can never have too much Emilia! She is awesome! This tiny girl loves handcuffs so much, she is always emailing me, asking to come back for more cuffing fun! This time, she is just locked in a pair of simple Peerless cuffs, because sometimes less is more. I think Emilia should become a resident model here, she seems to love the job and members like her a lot!

2 Responses to “889”

  1. Fran said on November 18th, 2022:

    On wich other website has she wearing it? Ore was it the same update. Thank you

    • admin said on November 18th, 2022:

      I was a bit too early, she will be on wearing it next week :)

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