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September 16th, 2022

I think Nelly just tries wearing the biggest watch possible to prevent me from cuffing her. This watch is HUGE! But don’t worry, I still cuffed her. I even could fit two handcuffs on each wrist. I attached them to a spreader bar and then locked the contraption to her collar. Maybe Nelly did not like this position, but it’s her own fault for trying to trick me with her huge watch.

5 Responses to “880”

  1. Joe said on October 3rd, 2022:

    Beautiful woman and beautiful watch! What model is that?

  2. Steve Harris said on November 20th, 2022:

    I genuinely love this woman, I need to see videos of her cuffed with a big watch :-)

  3. Vince said on April 18th, 2023:

    Looks like an Invicta to me..

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