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January 14th, 2022

The Dutch police has new transport cuffs and they are awesome! The new aluminum LIPS cuffs are partially coated in black and they look about the same as the old ones. But we have got our hands on their secret version, which was literally labeled ‘for small wrists’. They are smaller, because of a bigger swiveling part with flattened outer edges. Very futuristic and inescapable for girls! We love them so much, we grabbed Arabella and did a shoot with her in these new cuffs. She loved them too!! Arabella is just so awesome, a true submissive who loves to be restrained all day long!

One Response to “845”

  1. Savage said on January 14th, 2022:

    Arabella is a beautiful girl! For the first time she appeared like in 2019 in a red dress. She has a very beautiful face and figure. I hope in the future to see her in underwear and handcuffs irish8. It will be very sexy!

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