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December 25th, 2020

Lottii is back again! We love her, she is so bubbly and fun! With her amazing figure and huge boobs, we like to shoot her in lingerie with some metal locked onto her, it is really an amazing look! We locked Lottii in a pair of Alcyon’s, the ones with the unique links, and she had a blast again! Just watch the picture set to see what fun poses she came up with! Lottii is a real handcuff lover, she can definitely come to our studio whenever she likes! What a girl!

2 Responses to “790”

  1. Savage said on December 25th, 2020:

    Thanks! Pretty girl. I saw her in 2018. Today I see her in lingerie, my dream come true. I really hope the handcuffs were pulled tight on her without mercy

  2. Anusya said on March 23rd, 2021:

    Some body cuff me like this I give my ass to you

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