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May 15th, 2020

We don’t know where Tomoko is from! Is she French? English? Japanese? Apparently she has a little bit of everything, which makes her super cute and very pretty. Tomoko is always smiling, she loves to play around with our collection. And of course, she picked out the pink restraints, as so many girls do when they come to the studio! We don’t mind, the pink is just paint, they are real Peerless restraints, and Tomoko can’t get out of them without a key. We never let the models have a key until the end of the shoot, so we are in for a good time!

3 Responses to “758”

  1. Anusya said on February 12th, 2021:

    Cuff me like this please

  2. Steelcuffer said on March 7th, 2021:

    Ofcourse yes Anusya are you ready to get cuff?

  3. Anusya said on March 12th, 2021:

    And Ball gag me

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