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November 1st, 2019

14 years of Girls In Cuffs and we still have lots of girls emailing us to get cuffed! Roxee is a girl from the UK and she is pretty! In her white lingerie, Roxee looked very stunning while she was waiting for her first cuff shoot! We locked her in a pair of speedcuffs and some heavy chain ankle cuffs. She was delighted by the fact that these were real cuffs, there was no lever to open them like on the ones she has at home. Without a key, Roxee wasn’t going anywhere. Especially since we looped the ankle cuff chain through the handcuffs!

One Response to “730”

  1. Savage said on November 10th, 2019:

    Great job! 77 photos in different ways convey the emotions of the model. Very cute brunette in white lingerie is very sexy! Photos are made perfectly and in different ways convey the mood. Here are the most striking:
    gic730-005 ” Oh my God I was handcuffed. Mmm I have to take them off and run!”
    gic730-006″ Please mister take off my handcuffs I did nothing wrong” gic730-054 “I’m strong I have to break these chains and get free mmmm damn handcuffs!! Please break!”
    gic730-077″ the fight is lost. I couldn’t break those chains. A sad look in anticipation of continued punishment.”

    Worth the money!

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