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November 9th, 2018

Ukranian high fashion model Viktoriya is back! Remember when we locked her into the RigidStocks on her first visit? We got more comments about her big watch than about the restraints! It sure is a big watch! For the fans of watches, we made a private dressing room video of Viktoriya, click here to see it (NSFW). This time, we tried to cuff her with three pairs of regular handcuffs, since she is very slender! Even cuffs on her elbows are no problem for this super model! She visits Holland during Amsterdam Fashion Week, so hopefully we can get her (and her high fashion model friends) back next year!

5 Responses to “679”

  1. fred said on November 15th, 2018:

    keep the watch updates going!!

  2. john said on September 1st, 2019:

    100% agree with Fred ! Watch and handcuff is the best combo !

  3. Savage said on November 13th, 2019:

    I didn’t spare a cent to buy this set… I’m still shaking with excitement. Cute slender Victoria which will learn what tight handcuffs and model 700 is perfect to torture her . The first 7 photos perfectly convey her excitement. Defenseless in her underwear. From 8 to 28, she holds the handcuffs in front of her carefully examining them. It was time to chain her hands behind her back and INTERROGATE her! There is already good for fantasy fans of belly punching. Special attention to the photo from gic679-028 to gic679-031. In the photo she bends from the received blow and then looks at you pityingly. She can’t do anything the handcuffs keep holding her hands behind her back. Gic679-039 perfect opportunity to slap her cheeks. Forth on gic679-045-gif 679-048 have Victoria emerge forces and she tries to to sever handcuffs and free themselves. Then there will be some photos of her beautiful back and buttocks. The latest blow from which she falls will on photo gic679-053. Strong girl, it’s time to put her on her knees and get the whip… And here is already on gic679-054 she is worth before you… a flick of the whip..a slap on the back and our interrogation continues… Starting with gic679-056 to gic679-060 she tries to hold the lash blows but eventually lies down on her stomach. That would she not was waving with their feet we fastened with the help second handcuffs its its feet and then shackled hands and its feet. Now she’s at your disposal… finish this interrogation and fantasize further yourself ;)

    P.S The photographer is cool and the model is super! Figure super, panties could be worn smaller :)

  4. Tommy said on November 13th, 2019:

    Oh shit, Savage! You can really sell the moon:) I’m already overexcited reading your comments. I urgently subscribe to this site I want to see everything and fantasize myself. Provocator o lol :)

  5. Savage said on November 15th, 2019:

    Tom, I think you’re the only person who liked my comments. I thought I write only for themselves, if need to I can so fantasize and over other collections on this site!

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