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June 22nd, 2018

Crystl and Lynn are lovers, they really are. It was very strange to shoot with them as they seemed very afraid of restraints, especially Crystl! Closing the neck cuffs on eachother was a very emotional and scary moment for them. They seem to find comfort in being together. Super flexible Crystl was on this site before, but her girlfriend never was. Lynn is stunning too! This duo is incredible. So flexible and so delicate, it’s almost unreal. You have to see this picture set! Don’t miss it.

3 Responses to “659”

  1. Daniel said on July 3rd, 2018:

    There’s lot of quality images on this site, but this set made me join. Crystl and Lynn are gorgeous! I hope you can bring them back for more! (And tell them to bring their watches…)

  2. Jay said on September 7th, 2018:

    Wow…can we get Lynn back for a solo shoot..handcuffs behind the back? Stunning girl. Absolutely stunning and looks amazing in cuffs!

  3. john said on September 1st, 2019:

    They are th best on this website ! Cuff and watch and love ! PErfect. More like them :-)

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