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January 19th, 2018

We have the famous Katarina Hartlova! This busty star is a famous internet babe, and you can probably guess why! In real life, she is as crazy as her internet appearances, and she is truly a lot of fun to shoot with! Katarina had to be locked in Clejuso heavy weight cuffs, because we love the combination of huge cuffs and huge boobs! She did not mind at all, even though these cuffs weigh a good 1.4 kilograms. Katarina is wild! We tried out various positions, and we even hogcuffed her! Unlike other girls, Katarina does not have to make an effort to keep her head up when hogcuffed, so she can basically stay like that forever.

2 Responses to “637”

  1. Mariusz said on January 24th, 2018:

    “She can basically stay like that forever”? Hmm.. So, you can smash the keys to her Cleuso cuffs and her ankle cuffs under a stone, then fill both pairs of cuffs with superglue. There!

    Just kidding :)

  2. Ramba said on February 12th, 2021:

    Some body cuff me like that

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