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July 3rd, 2015

Cuffing a girl can be so simple! Especially when the girl is a hot model with incredible flexibility! Yasmine is so incredibly gorgeous! A simple pair of hinged Hiatts cuffs are enough to keep her restrained. Her wrists are very tiny, but these cuffs are small too. In a stacked position, behind her back, even Yasmine can not get her arms out if we make the cuffs tight enough. But here’s the amazing part: Yasmine can be elbow cuffed in these short hinged cuffs! No problem at all! She can’t get out of those, there is no way, even with the key!

3 Responses to “504”

  1. Brian said on February 24th, 2016:

    Yasmine is gorgeous. I hoope she comes back so we can finally get a shoot of her hogcuffed.

    • admin said on February 24th, 2016:

      That’s a good point! Will do that soon! In the meantime, click here for a shoot with a hogcuffed Yasmine!!

  2. Brian said on February 26th, 2016:

    Well if you insist, I don’t suppose I can refuse.

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