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August 15th, 2014

Will our new model Birdy Dee from Scotland fit into a RigidStock TL? Why not, you ask… Well, she is a super tall blonde, which means her neck and wrists should be bigger as well. Strangely enough, the stock was an easy fit for Birdy, much to her dismay. We kept her in it for almost an hour, in which she found out that you can not open a RigidStock, even if you have the keys to the padlocks! This is a very real and very hot update with a gorgeous fashion model! All tall fashion models should be in a stock, really. Think of the beautiful sights that would give on the catwalk!

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  1. David said on August 19th, 2014:

    She looks so beautiful in her lingerie and stockings and the stocks indeed accentuate the nice curves on her body. You are right, all pretty girls – especially fashion models – should be in a stock really, if she was walking down the catwalk like that, it would be a fashion show that I’d be dying to attend :D

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