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October 11th, 2013

Please welcome Cindy Dollar to!! This famous glamour babe wanted to come over to try some of our restraints, because she thinks it is very interesting to see what kind of posing a girl can do in cuffs! Of course, we had to shoot her in lingerie (hey, it’s Cindy Dollar!), and we suggested a pair of Peerless model 700 handcuffs would suit her nicely! Needless to say, we got carried away, and Cindy ended up with SIX pairs of Peerless model 700 handcuffs on her wrists! A pair of heavy Hiatt Thompson leg irons on her ankles made this set complete! Enjoy this glamour babe in 6 pairs of cuffs, it is a unique set!

2 Responses to “414”

  1. soggo said on May 26th, 2014:

    In this set, you really tried to be on the safe side with all these cuffs, and Cindy… Cindy just goes along with it, all the while having this slightly ironic smile, and giving us looks that are so cold and at the same time oh so hot.
    I also love her weightlifting exercises at the beginning. Amazing photoset, all around. Cindy IS cool. And oh so hot.

  2. soggo said on December 4th, 2017:

    So I comment on this set again… partly because I’m a bit miffed I’m the only one to have said how powerful and great these photos are, and partly because I still love this set so much I just felt like saying: Yes, three and a half years later, and this is still great, great stuff. Thank you, amazing Cindy, and thanks to all others involved.

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