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February 10th, 2012

The incredible Vanessa is back! This time we cuff her in a whole series of AHC cuffs, but probably not the ones you expected. Since Vanessa is a petite lady, we were able to use the JN-105 for her wrists. To make this a little harder for her, we added the N-200 as very short legirons. And then the amazing part: the hinged N-520 on her elbows! No problem for this cheerful model! We love to see Vanessa in tiger lingerie and AHC, it is a great combination, and it is huge fun to cuff this beautiful happy girl!

One Response to “327”

  1. soggo said on June 8th, 2014:

    Vanessa… could this wild beauty ever be tamed? In this set she looks like a captured jungle goddess (the shoes ruin that fantasy a bit), so proud and gorgeous. And to answer my own question: No, she could never be tamed. And we love her for that.

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