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July 29th, 2011

Angelica is back! She is very popular with our members, something she did not expect at all! So to thank you all, she is going to be cuffed in a super complete restraint set, which will cover all basic areas: wrists, ankles, waist, neck, and thumbs. Angelica looks great in a tight neck cuff, perhaps better than any girl before her. A chain running from neck to ankles connects everything, and her wrists are in hinged cuffs locked to her waist by a prisoner belt. Now that’s cuffing!

One Response to “299”

  1. Howie said on August 14th, 2011:

    She´s so so exciting, definitely. What expressive eyes…no matter what she wears and with which devices she is restrained, she´s very special. Hope Angelica did not only return to say thank you with a one-time-shoot, but to see more of her soon.


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