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October 13th, 2006

Bianca returns!! This time we planned a Yuil session for her, with the great Yuil M-03 rigid handcuffs and the Yuil MY-005 legirons. The handcuffs look like a pair of extended speedcuffs and they have a metal loop in the middle to attach other things to :-) Perfect for a hogtie, as Bianca demonstrates happily for us. But there’s always more with Bianca! This set contains great pictures of her trying all kinds of positions, like rigidcuffed elbows and some very athletic moves! A must see!

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  1. Savage said on November 10th, 2019:

    The set contains 154 amazing photos that look in one go. Just imagine a beautiful girl in a beautiful swimsuit, from the very first photo, struggling in handcuffs. It is very beautiful, but then you will be waiting for a surprise….. Bianca will stand in a very beautiful pose and very difficult. She will perform the gymnastic bridge in handcuffs !! In the photo you can see her face as she clenches her teeth as it is hard for her and it becomes even sexier. If you haven’t seen it then definitely buy this set. Since 2006, no one has been able to repeat such a bold and beautiful pose…. Until now, I look with pleasure at these photos and fantasize….

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