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March 4th, 2011

Remember Sofie? Yes, you do! A lot of people asked if she could come back for another shoot. What is it with blondes and cuffs? It seems to be a very popular combination! The charming and fun-loving Sofie gladly submits to your wishes and lets us photograph her in 3 pairs of LIPS and Deutsche Polizei handcuffs. With so much hinged weight on her wrists, Sofie keeps joking, asking us if we don’t have a harder challenge for her. Be careful what you wish for, Sofie, our members are very creative ;-)

July 9th, 2010

New girl Sofie has never been cuffed before in her life. She was nervous, expecting a pair of handcuffs to be locked onto her wrists for this photo shoot. To shock her a little, we brought out the RigidFiddle model ‘8’. Sofie didn’t know what to make of this thing… ‘What is the big hole for?’, she asked. ‘How does it even open?’. ‘Who comes up with this stuff anyway?’. Apparently she was amazed to even be holding this contraption. After we locked her into it, she tried to pose in her normal modelling positions, but her attention was drawn to the fiddle all the time. All she would say was: ‘Amazing…’