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August 7th, 2020

Gorgeous Natasha Bella is back! She is so nice and positive, always happy to come over and get locked in metal. This time we cuff her in the very cute Chinese bracelets, with just 1 padlock to connect them. In her blue lingerie and elegant bracelets, Natasha looks so lush and cheerful! She really had a great time and she said she would come back whenever we need a ‘GirlInCuffs’. Well, we always need girls in cuffs, in fact, we think all girls should be cuffed all the time! So Natasha will be back soon!

January 31st, 2020

New girl Natasha Bella is just gorgeous! She just strides into the studio in her silver dress and heels… wow. There was only 1 silver item missing: a pair of handcuffs. Her beautiful slender hands looked amazing in a pair of Alcyon cuffs, because the cuffs are quite small and nice and round. Natasha had not been in cuffs very often, certainly not in real ones, so she got a little apprehensive when we cuffed her behind her back, but she was brave enough to continue the shoot! She will be back for more, we just know it!