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October 16th, 2009

When we asked German model Maria if she would like to appear on our website again, she was glad to hear that people liked her first shoot. But she also demanded a ‘nicer’ shoot than last time, referring to all the weight we put on her wrists in GIC184. Maybe we overdid it on her first shoot :-) So here it is: a ‘nice’ shoot with Maria. An elegant Rapidcuff and beautiful leg irons. Maria in skirt and white blouse. Actually, this is very nice indeed! We can’t decide which shoot we like more, but we sure like Maria!

May 15th, 2009

We have a lot of German visitors on, and they are always nice and very supportive. So we would like to do something back for them. How about a real German model! Maria is from Germany and she just loves to be cuffed. And what about the handcuffs? Well, Deutsche Polizei handcuffs of course!! We grabbed a few from our collection (some LIPS too) and started to cuff Maria. The combined weight is about 3 kilos :-) After letting Maria unlock all those cuffs herself, we tried some more fun positions, like cuffing her wrists in front parallel and stacked (very strange) and four pairs behind her back in a stacked position. Maria kommt wieder, no doubt about that!