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July 1st, 2011

Beautiful Aysa returns! She was cuffed for the first time in February, and now she is back for a more rigid challenge. Quite literally, because today she will be locked into a RigidFiddle ‘model 8’. This girl is not afraid of anything, but when she opens the metal device she is a little unsure. It looks menacing, like a huge pair of scissors, which go around the neck. But actually the RigidFiddle is very safe, since it is only one size and it can not tighten once it is locked on. Aysa even thinks it is comfortable!

February 4th, 2011

We think our new girl Aysa looks a little like Juliette Lewis! But Aysa is even better, because she really genuinely loves handcuffs! We put her in heavy leg irons, they look so good on her leg warmers and cute high heels! For her wrists we selected the very compact Hiatt’s model 2050, to keep her wrists really close together in some very hot positions. Wrists crossed behind her back on Aysa is a must see! She has also expressed interest in many of our other items, including the RigidFiddle, so she will definitely come back to try more stuff! This 18 year old is all fun and then some! She will be a star!