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August 6th, 2010

Welcome Sylvia to! Sylvia is a tall brunette with great hands and beautiful finger nails. But more importantly: she has never been in handcuffs before! We give her a pair of Chinese handcuffs with a very big separation bar. The confused look on Sylvia’s face is great, especially in the stacked behind the back position! She tries to do her best to pose for you, but she gets really distracted, always looking at these strange cuffs. When we give her the key, her confusion reaches new heights. ‘How the hell is this supposed to work’, she asks… A very good question indeed!

July 30th, 2010

When Lau and Mau arrived at GiC headquarters, we immediately knew 2 new stars were born :-) You don’t have to be a model to be on our website, you just have to know how to have fun! Forget about the posing (okay, they tried), these girls love to fool around and tease each other. A little shy at first, but they did a great job considering it was the first time they ever touched handcuffs. Next time they will undoubtfully be much less shy, we can’t wait for more fooling around! Let’s get them some feedback and requests for their next shoot!

July 23rd, 2010

Maaike was one of the models who was with us when we started in 2005. We haven’t been able to work with her for a few years now, since her modelling career often takes her abroad. But look! We found an amazing unpublished Maaike set, which was done as an experiment at the time. Slightly more bondage maybe… Maaike did not mind at all, in fact she thought the collar was hot! So here’s slave girl Maaike, handcuffed to her tight heavy iron waist belt, collared, and leashed! Who wouldn’t want to hold that chain? Plus the unlocking video as a bonus. A genuine blast from the past!

plus bonus video!

July 16th, 2010

There’s nothing like teasing our regular model Claire. No other model can get so beautifully frustrated. And we have just the right gear for some frustrating positions! Our wrist cage fits Claire perfectly, which we told her several times during the shoot, much to her annoyment. She probably wished it didn’t fit so snug, so she could attempt an escape. Another great instrument of frustration is our elbow bending device: the so-called ‘elbow traps’. Joined by a padlocked rigid bar behind Claire’s back, she can’t lift or stretch her arms at all. Go on, Claire, take this key! A little higher… ;-)

July 9th, 2010

New girl Sofie has never been cuffed before in her life. She was nervous, expecting a pair of handcuffs to be locked onto her wrists for this photo shoot. To shock her a little, we brought out the RigidFiddle model ‘8’. Sofie didn’t know what to make of this thing… ‘What is the big hole for?’, she asked. ‘How does it even open?’. ‘Who comes up with this stuff anyway?’. Apparently she was amazed to even be holding this contraption. After we locked her into it, she tried to pose in her normal modelling positions, but her attention was drawn to the fiddle all the time. All she would say was: ‘Amazing…’

July 2nd, 2010

Cute Gemma came back to GirlsInCuffs HQ all the way from England to be cuffed again… She is so small we needed to find something she would not be able to slip out of. Fortunately, Pakistan based producers KUB make their Irish 8 replicas in lady size. You will see that Gemma’s wrists have a lot of space even in these, but she can not slip out. After a few ‘beauty poses’ we put Gemma in a more serious stacked position, wrists behind her back. We even stacked her ankles in Irish 8 cuffs, so she couldn’t stretch her legs. After giving her the key we just sat back and enjoyed!

June 25th, 2010

Alecia! It’s incredible, but she has been a model for over 5 years now! Something makes her keep coming back for more ;-) She is easily one of the most elegant and sensual models we have, with an incredible body that hasn’t changed in those 5 years. And still she loves the tight inescapable stuff! How about Alecia in a tight waistchain, handcuffs and bluebox, in true prison style! She can not move her hands away from her belly. That’s how we like to see Alecia: totally helpless!

June 18th, 2010

Who says you can’t be a fashion model AND a GirlsInCuffs model? As long as the big brands don’t find out you will be fine. Super tall Gwen likes modelling for us, so she is back for the fourth time, and she doesn’t care if her agency finds out about this. It’s quite innocent, she says. Yes, it is… although people in handcuffs generally LOOK guilty. Gwen has done nothing wrong however, in fact she does all the right things, like looking amazing in flexcuffs and leg irons with her tall physique, beautiful face and mysterious dark hair. Go tell the other girls at your agency, Gwen! They are always welcome!

June 11th, 2010

Another new model! Sandy is a pretty wild girl and lots of fun to work with. She had never been cuffed before, so keep in mind this is the first time her wrists and ankles are enclosed in metal! We just love the adjustable darby style cuffs, because they look very elegant but they still can be adjusted to a small female wrist size. There is no escape for Sandy, but we had a feeling she didn’t even want to try, she had a great time playing with our cuffs! We guess she will be back for more… lots more!

June 4th, 2010

Raven-haired beauty Carie came to us, curious about this ‘modelling-in-handcuffs’ business. She was a little nervous, but she gave it her best anyway. After a few minutes, Carie really got into it. She had modelled before, just not in handcuffs. The Clejuso heavy weight handcuffs are comfortable to wear, but after a while, the 1.4 kilos really start to weigh down your arms. It’s a workout without escape, a locked on excercise, that is what we love about these cuffs! Well done, Carie!

May 28th, 2010

We had some nice member requests for Kim, who appeared a while ago in GIC226. One of the requests was Kim in our favorite handcuffs, something we just can’t refuse! Kim was happy to return to be cuffed in our LIPS and Deutsche Polizei handcuffs, in all kinds of poses: in front, behind her back, wrists to ankles, 3 pairs on her wrists, and of course the famous wrist-ankle-ankle-wrist position. We always end with that one, because it’s fun to toss the keys in and see what happens ;-)

plus bonus video!

May 21st, 2010

This cheerful Mexican girl is rapidly becoming one of the web’s most famous handcuff models! So we just had to invite her to! Anahí showed up wearing big sunglasses and chewing bubble gum :-) All we could do is add a little more cheerfulness, that’s why we got out our entire collection of Trilock handcuffs. Anahí happily models all four different versions: cable, chain, hinged, and webbed… while blowing big bubbles and just being silly and cheerful! So cute! Welcome, Anahí, you’re one of the girls now! She will definitely be back for more!

May 14th, 2010

Ailish is back in her blue latex bondage suit (see also GIC210)! This time we try our wrist cage on her. It might just be a little too big for her, but she can not quite get her hands out. She keeps trying, even when we apply the wrist cage behind her back, but her hand keeps getting stuck. However, we think it’s too close to an escape. So we quickly lock her into something that should be way more fun: the dreaded elbow traps! They may look like strange devices, but they are really effective. Ailish can not bend her arms, and when we connect the traps with a locking rod it becomes a good rigid cuffing!

May 7th, 2010

Little Charlie :-) We almost feel sorry for her as we lock her into these big East German restraints. But Charlie models them very well! She could actually do a VOPO ad campaign, if these cuffs were still on the market today. The rounded handcuffs and leg irons are actually very comfortable to wear, and Charlie did not mind wearing them at all, although she found the ankle cuffs a little hard to walk around in, since they are connected by a steel cable instead of a chain. Oh well, you can’t have it all :-)

April 30th, 2010

Introducing Angelica… she has never been cuffed before until this photo shoot! Here is her first experience in handcuffs, she looks so good with her wrists in the very restrictive model 2050 handcuffs, check out that first preview picture! We also used the heavy chain Hiatt Thompson leg irons over her boots, and some thumbcuffs to complete this set. For Angelica, it was an experience she will never forget. We have a feeling she will be back, some fan mail or requests for her may help ;-)

April 23rd, 2010

Beautiful sparkly girl Debbie asked us if we needed any more pictures of her. Are you kidding! Get over here! :-) We decorated her using an elegant neck cuff, a pair of long chain handcuffs, and some thumbcuffs. We locked her ankles into a pair of Irish 8 restraints, and then we decided to change Debbie to a legs crossed position. It turns out to be one of the most restricting leg positions we have ever done! Debbie just loves to help us finding new and interesting ways to put girls in cuffs, and she always wants to unlock herself, our help is not allowed, even if it takes very long…

plus bonus video!

April 16th, 2010

Cory is a very tiny girl from Romania. She is so small, we have to use the special ‘juvenile’ handcuffs on her (model JN-105) or she will slip out of the handcuffs. And she is the first model who needs to have her connector chain shortened by a padlock. After all these adjustments however, Cory is restrained very well and she isn’t going anywhere fast. She wasn’t planning on leaving anyway, since she had such a good time playing and posing in cuffs! Here is a girl who really loves her cuffs! She almost seems hesitant to release herself when we finally decide to toss her the keys.

plus bonus video!

April 9th, 2010

Daisy is back for her second cuffing! She is a professional burlesque model, so let’s see if she can pose in handcuffs, elbow cuffs, and ankle cuffs! It turns out to be pretty difficult, especially since the Alcyon 5250 on her elbows only have two short links between the oversized cuffs. This is particularly challenging when we cuff her elbows behind her back, but Daisy handles it like a pro. Let’s give her the keys, will she be the first to escape from elbow cuffs? Watch and see!

plus bonus video!

April 2nd, 2010

As our regular model Alecia was lounging around the GiC headquarters anyway, we asked her: ‘Hey, did we ever fiddle you?’. She gave us the ultimate answer: ‘What’s a fiddle?’. And here is the result: Alecia in a RigidFiddle and Irish 8 leg irons. So that’s wrists, neck, and ankles tightly restrained all because of a silly answer! Alecia didn’t mind, she knows she will be restrained when she comes over, and she actually thought the RigidFiddle was one of the most comfortable things she experienced over here. Don’t you just love girls like Alecia? :-)

March 26th, 2010

Tall girl Tamara is even taller today, wearing her pink heels. She looks great in jeans and pink top, but what should be pick from our collection to complement her outfit? Eventually we decide on Ralkem restraints. Only 2 pieces of gear to totally restrain a powerful model isn’t bad! We cuff her in the Ralkem model 9930 combination, so her wrists and ankles are nice and secure. We add the Ralkem transport belt to keep her hands down and chained to her waist! No padlocks needed! Can Tamara unlock herself?

plus bonus video!

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