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December 3rd, 2021

Wow, an ultra fit babe with a giant metal watch? Medusa said she is too strong for cuffs! But locked in a pair of hinged Hiatts, she had to admit that even her brute fitness strength couldn’t break these restraints. This awesome body needs to come back to more often, I think! Medusa is very hot and she likes to be dominant, but I think she looks way better in metal! I need to find very sturdy restraints for her, what would you suggest for her next shoot?

3 Responses to “839”

  1. Savage said on December 3rd, 2021:

    100% just Irish8!! These will be the cruelest handcuffs for her! She won’t be able to break them and it will be hard for her to squirm in them

  2. David said on December 3rd, 2021:

    I think Clejuso No 15 is the way to go!

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