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May 10th, 2019

Beautiful tiny girl Adora wanted to get cuffed, but she demanded the pink restraints. They are less scary apparently. Well, Adora still got restrained in Peerless cuffs, we don’t care if they are pink. They are real cuffs and exactly the same as their silver colored versions. Adora looks so good in her white lingerie, and she did a lot of posing and positions! Of course, she ended up hogcuffed! She pretended she did not like that at all, but we know she will be back for more! Only next time we get to pick the cuffs!

One Response to “705”

  1. Savage said on September 8th, 2021:

    He he. See photo 042 from this set. I think she don’t like be handcuffed. It’s time to lock cuffs more tighter. Beautiful girl, but she don’t like cuffs and we never see her here

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