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September 26th, 2014

Little Rosie is one of those girls you want to keep forever! She is cute and flexible, very flexible! Her elbows can take a regular pair of handcuffs behind her back, just like that! No problems! So that’s how she spent most of the afternoon here at headquarters, because she did not seem to mind at all! Most models have to be release from elbow cuffs after 20 or 30 minutes, but Rosie can be elbow cuffed all day! A nice elbow cuff hogcuffing finished off the day for her! So cute!!

One Response to “464”

  1. Mariusz said on October 1st, 2014:

    She does not seem to mind the elbow cuffs? Not even after several hours? Can I have this girl for Christmas, dear Santa Claus? Wrapped up as illustrated, with the elbow cuffs, handcuffs and leg irons?\

    Oh yeah, and you don’t really need to send me the keys along too… Don’t think I’ll be using them anyway!!! :D

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