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June 13th, 2014

The incredible Ariel Anderssen is back for more cuffing! She can be handcuffed in the most extreme ways (like last time), she is used to it and she loves a challenge! Well, this time we have a new one for her! We will cuff her arms in a double hinged position, this means that both her wrists and her elbows are in hinged handcuffs. Not extended or bigger ones, nope… just normal handcuffs! And if that’s not extreme enough, we add thumbcuffs, a neck cuff, and ankle cuffs to our blonde secretary styled Ariel! Her arms are so rigidly cuffed behind her, she can’t even move them at all! Awesome!

One Response to “449”

  1. David said on June 13th, 2014:

    Yes, it’s only fair that a model who is as used to strict bondage as Ariel is should be restrained in a superfluous way. Lots of pairs of cuffs, added security and absolutely no way she could get out or even move her arms apart from slight movements! I kind of expected that Ariel would love being locked in this position quite a lot and asked to be kept like this a bit more. Just like me, she adores bondage possibly a bit too much ;-)

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